Behind the scenes at the SingularityU Benelux Executive Program

“This program has changed my life.”
“The most impactful course I have ever done.”
“It gave me hope for the future.”

These are just a few of the reactions we got after our 3-day Executive Program. But how do we do it? There’s a lot more to it than you might expect, all to provide you with the best experience possible.

Of course it all starts months before the program, with personal intakes and an onboarding, but for this post we focus on the days only.

During the SingularityU Benelux Executive Program we fully immerse our participants in the world of exponential technologies, leadership and global grand challenges. This means that everything we do has a purpose. The locations we visit, the technologies that are demoed, the inspiring stories by our speakers, the workshops. Even the food and drinks have a story to tell.

High quality in everything

The SingularityU brand stands for high quality, and we want to uphold that standard in everything we do. Not only the world-class speakers we involve, but also the people and locations that we do business with. We imagine that nothing would be more frustrating than running an amazing program, but the only thing participants are talking about is their bad night of sleep, the terrible sandwich they ate during lunch or that one glitch in a presentation.

So we have our own chef, who carefully selects the best food and drinks to help participants stay healthy and energized throughout our program. We bring our own AV-team and work together with flexible and inspiring locations to make sure that all basics are covered, so that our participants can fully focus on what matters most: learning, experiencing and growing as individuals and leaders.


Having an amazing team

The EP won’t be as powerful as it is without a professional and amazing team. A lot of planning and work is needed to coordinate with every party involved and run the whole production. We also have people capturing as much as possible during the days, sharing the amazing transformations our participants go through.

Another essential role is briefing everyone to make sure everything is high quality and connects with our overall story. This is especially important for our speakers. Mix that with terrific hosts and facilitators guiding you through this experience and you have a winning team. Naturally, something can always happen, but with the team we have, we know that everything will run as smoothly as possible.


Building a group of future leaders

Most of our participants start out as individuals, not knowing other participants. For us it is really important that they will become a group. A group of future leaders, who will support and inspire each other in their journeys. This is why we start our program by setting the scene: what are our group standards, why are we here in the program and what do we want to achieve during the 3 days.

Every break and meal is intentionally created to stimulate this forming of the group with walking lunches and dinner experiences. Same for our workshops, such as the World Café. Participants will do some things individually, such as gathering their insights after each speaker. Other workshops are done in couples, threesomes and larger groups. We even have occasional challenges and other surprises in store for our participants.


The next SingularityU Benelux Executive Program is coming up soon and our team is ready for another life-changing edition. On 26-28 September 2022, a new group of future leaders will be inspired to leverage exponential technology to tackle the world’s largest challenges. Will you join them?

There are a few seats left. More information can be found here.