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Welcome to Singularity University’s Chapter in Amsterdam! Our aim is to create a space where Amsterdam Alumni can connect with each other and interested individuals from the local community. Our salons are designed to highlight local challenges, practices, organisations and people, and to build a network for inspiration and action. SingularityU Amsterdam offers a meeting place for alumni, speakers, and the curious to discuss exponential technologies and research how these can be leveraged to address issues locally.

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SingularityU Communities facilitate vibrant local innovation ecosystems, whose participants focus on furthering the SU mission of leveraging exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges. There are currently 142 SingularityU Communities worldwide in 66 countries that regularly host events within their cities.

Chapters are flourishing around the world thanks to the collaborative, volunteer leadership teams working together to convene local innovators in regular gatherings that attract fascinating speakers on a wide variety of topics. Chapters further SU’s goals to educate, empower, and inspire leaders through four core areas:

  • Connection: Creating and facilitating an engaged local community

  • Events: Facilitating events about exponential technologies and global grand challenges

  • Innovation: Sharing information about local innovations with the SU community

  • Impact: Focusing on impact in collaboration with SingularityU

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The SU Benelux community in The Netherlands is always looking for new speakers, volunteers or sponsors for our events.

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