Solving Humanity’s Grand Challenges

At Singularity University, we believe that leveraging the convergence of exponential technologies will set us on the path to solve our global grand challenges and shift from an era of scarcity to abundance. There are twelve global grand challenges (GGCs).

In addressing each GGC, we solve for the following three perspectives:

  • Ensuring basic needs are met for all people

  • Sustaining and improving quality of life

  • Mitigating future risks

Twelve GGC’s

The GGCs are interrelated and interdependent. For example, as we solve for the water challenge, we are also helping to address the health challenge. As we make progress against the learning challenge, we also help address the prosperity challenge.

The twelve GGCs are listed below. Each has an objective that is framed to describe the overarching end-state we feel is achievable—especially if we can count on you to take up the cause with us.

Resource Needs

Global Grand Challenge Food

Consumption of sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to maintain healthy and active lives for all people at all times.

Global Grand Challenge Shelter

Secure, safe, and sustainable shelter for residence, recreation, and industry for all people at all times.

Global Grand Challenge Water

Ample and safe water for consumption, sanitation, industry, and recreation for all people at all times.

Global Grand Challenge Energy

Ample, accessible and sustainable energy for the needs of humanity.

Global Grand Challenge Environment

Sustainable and equitable stewardship of Earth’s ecosystems for optimal functioning both globally and locally.

Global Grand Challenge Space

Safe and equitable use, and stewardship of, space resources and technologies for the benefit of humanity and our future as a multi-planetary species.

Take up the cause with us

Societal Needs

Global Grand Challenge Learning

Access to information and experiences that build knowledge and skills for all people at all stages of their lives for personal fulfilment and benefit to society.

Global Grand Challenge Prosperity

Equitable access to economic and other opportunities for self-fulfilment where all people are free from poverty and able to thrive.

Global Grand Challenge Disaster Resilience

Effective and efficient disaster risk reduction, emergency response, and rehabilitation that saves lives and livelihoods, minimizes economic loss, and builds resilience both globally and locally.

Global Grand Challenge Security

Safety of all people from physical and psychological harm, including in virtual worlds; and protection of physical, financial, digital systems.

Global Grand Challenge Health

Optimal physical and mental health, including access to cost-effective prevention, early diagnosis, and personalized therapy for individuals and communities.

Global Grand Challenge Governance

Equitable participation of all people in formal and societal governance that is in accordance with principles of justice and individual rights, free from discrimination and identity-based prejudices, and able to meet the needs of an exponentially changing world.

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