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SingularityU Benelux
SingularityU Benelux3 weeks ago
Moore’s law, the idea that computing power doubles every two years, is one of the cornerstones of the teachings at Singularity University. SU Co-founder Ray Kurzweil extrapolated Moore’s law in what we call now the Law of Accelerating Returns which is one of the underlying principles of the curriculum on exponential growth. But what happens if Moore’s law isn’t accurate anymore and is in fact winding down? Read more on SingularityU Hub on how computing power can keep on growing:
2 weeks ago
What if the most valuable idea in your organization, was not your organization? Singularity University Faculty member, David Roberts, teaches us 7 things you can't afford not to do in his keynote from the SingularityU NL summit of 2017:
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