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Cocreating the next generation of learning

Developments are happening at lightning speed. Technology is developing exponentially. Which makes it challenging to keep up and put them in practice in order to reap the benefits. The practical application of these technologies can make an important contribution to solving major social issues.

Being able to see the new exponential possibilities of our time and turning these into valuable applications, demand a new vision on the Future of Learning.

Progression, both in terms of technology, in understanding our brain and the functioning of how we learn, lay the foundation for exponential change in the way we learn. And with that, the foundation to expand our potential.

SingularityU chapter Rotterdam and House of Performance initiate a collaboration to cocreate a new practical vision on the future of learning. The mission of SingularityU is ‘to educate, empower, and inspire leaders to leverage exponential technologies to solve humanity’s grand challenges’. House of Performance has the mission ‘to enable people, teams and organizations to excel’.

In collaboration with Walter Baets and Jos Dirkx, we work in a series of a few blogs, podcasts and short polls, up to a (virtual) event where we collaborate with a group of SU-members and interested people to develop a concrete vision of the Future of Learning. Based on these outcomes, practical initiatives will be formulated and launched in order to progress towards the next generation of learning.

We use the SU community platform for sharing our blogs, vlogs, podcasts and polls. We also encourage participants to react on contribution, using the platform. In order to create a vision on the future of learning together.

The contribution of our first expert is already published on the this platform. You can join us by sending an email to rotterdam@chapter.su.org. We will make sure you get an invitation for the platform.

We hope to virtual meet and hear from your ideas soon!

Team Rotterdam Chapter

Henk Koster and Robert-Jan Opschoor

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