Inspiring lunch-talk ‘Quantum Computing, what is it and how will it change our lives?’ by Freeke Heijman

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SingularityU Community Amsterdam in cooperation with Epicenter Amsterdam, invites you to the inspiring lunch-talk ‘Quantum Computing, what is it and how will it change our lives?’ by Freeke Heijman, on February 18th.

Together with SingularityU Alumni, community members and a great keynote speaker, we will give a sneak peak in the background of Quantum Computing and how it will impact our lives.


11:45 – Doors open

12:00 – Welcome by SingularityU Community Amsterdam – Peter Maarten Westerhout

12:10 – Keynote on Quantum Computing – Freeke Heijman

12:50 – Q&A and discussion – SingularityU community members

13:00 – Closing

Keynote “Quantum Computing: what is it and how will it change our lives?”

In this talk, Freeke Heijman will explain the basic laws of quantum mechanics and its applications in new technologies. Superposition and entanglement form the basis of a new computing paradigm with exponential speed-up in computing power. What is the advantage of quantum computers above classical computers and what applications are foreseen? How will this affect our society and on what time scale? What is the global landscape in which this technology is coming to age?

Bio Freeke Heijman

Freeke Heijman is director strategic development at QuTech in Delft and special advisor to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy on Quantum Technologies. In this context she is responsible for the Dutch national policy and investments in Quantum Technology, international partnerships such as the NL participation in the EU flagship and development of the Delft Quantum Campus ecosystem. She is a 50-50 liaison between the Ministry and the QuTech Center and represents The Netherlands in European committees such as the FET Flagship Board of Funders. She has extensive experience in European and national space, industrial and innovation policies including in the role of head of unit. She graduated at the TU Delft Policy Analysis and Systems Engineering department in 1999 and started her career at KPN Research. Her passion is to drive innovation at the crossroad of academia, business and government.


This lunch-talk is hosted by Epicenter Amsterdam and will be held at their Cuddle Puddle on the ground floor. You are welcome at 11:45 am and the talk starts at 12:00 pm sharp, so make sure you have secured your seat by then.

After the talk there will be a short Q&A with Freeke and of course time for meeting the other SingularityU Amsterdam and Epicenter community members over some available lunch bites.

We hope to see you there!

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