Sneak peaking towards the next society with Arash Aazami

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SingularityU Chapter Amsterdam invites you to our year-end meetup at Epicenter Amsterdam on Tuesday December 17th.

Together with SingularityU alumni, community members and a great keynote speaker, we will have a sneak peak and discussion on what the future will look like and how we can shape it ourselves.


15:30 – Doors open
16:00 – Welcome by SingularityU Chapter Amsterdam – Peter Maarten Westerhout
16:15 – Keynote “Sneak peaking towards the next society” – Arash Aazami
17:00 – Interactive discussion – Jordy Egging
17:30 – Drinks & Bites with SingularityU Alumni & community members
18:30 – Closing

Keynote “Sneak peaking towards the next society”

What could society be like one generation away from today? Will we still do everything for economic growth? Will technology replace, weaken, or strengthen us? Will AI and blockchain really change our lives? What happens once we have access to abundant resources to fulfill our needs? Will we still pay for energy? Will the internet be fixed? During this talk Arash will explore possible futures together with you. He leads his audience through some of the largest developments that touch us all: digitalization, demonetization, democratization. Filled with practical examples and unexpected associations this talk is aimed to be mind-blowing as well as hope-giving.

Arash Aazami (1977) is the founder of the Internet of Energy Initiative, and mentors in social entrepreneurship at INSEAD Business School in Paris. He pioneered in online tech since the ‘90s, was the founder of the world’s first energy company to accept digital currencies as a form of payment, and his “Path to Zero” business model was awarded by MIT in 2014. What Arash dreams, he develops into realities. Touring as a musician, pioneering in online tech, hitting rock bottom, and climbing back up again. Arash’ life journey gave him an uncanny ability to rethink, re-invent, disrupt even himself, and turn crisis into opportunities. Arash lives by his personal motto: dream.develop.do

This event is hosted by Epicenter Amsterdam and will be held at their Cuddle Puddle on the ground floor. You are welcome at 15:30 pm and the talk starts at 16:00 pm sharp. So make sure you have secured your seat by then.

Hope to see you there!

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