SingularityU Eindhoven Chapter – Impact Event #0002

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Invitation to the SingularityU Eindhoven Chapter Impact Event #0002

This time, our event circles around the technological possibilities to prolong life. Innovations that prolong our life are fantastic, but we need innovations that help us fill these additional lifes in a great way. Together with the Kris Verburgh and the DELA Innovation team, we will explore this area!


15.30h — Event location open
16.00h — Welcome on behalf of the SingularityU Eindhoven Chapter – Anneke Veldink
16.05h — Kris Verburgh – Medical doctor, researcher and author about technological possibilities to prolong life.
16.45h — Sanne Geurtsen – Manager DELA Innovatie Lab about the way DELA shapes innovation to increase wellbeing in our last trimester of life: with an interactive carrousel containing 3 innovation projects.
18.15h — Drinks in the Microlab Skybar
19.30h — Closure

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[This event will be held in Dutch]

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