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Exponential Themes

SingularityU Benelux has organized quite a vast variety of events and programs. From Executive Programs to Summits to Custom- and Youth Programs, we have had the opportunity to have a broad spectrum of experts and faculty members on stage from the Singularity University community talking about different exponential technologie and their implications on business, individuals and society as whole.

In these times we want to make some of these mindblowing insights public and therefore you can now watch full-length videos and keynotes from over 3 years of SingularityU Benelux. We have created different theme blocks and we’ll start off next week with the first block, the  “Humanity Project” featuring different keynote speakers that all have a different view on the implications of technology on what it means to be human.

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The Humanity Project

Technologies that will change our brain, body and society. What are the limits of what intelligent life can do?

watch the keynotes here

We are passionate and optimistic about the future, believing that leveraging technology in ethical ways is in service of the well-being of humanity, society and the planet.

Food, Eco Systems & Mobility

Grand Solutions and Methods for World Problems. Regenerating: Food, Eco Systems & Mobility

full keynotes available soon

We’re open to different perspectives and encourage constructive dialogue to explore a common path forward.

Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot thinking & How to become a Change Agent in positive futures ahead?

full keynotes available soon

A first step towards a brighter future

Social Technology

Social technology – how can we work and organise ourselves better based on purpose, decentralization and trust.

full keynotes available soon

Leverage creativity, curiosity and courage to help shape a brighter future.

Data & Security

How to keep the World Safe for Future Generations through computational power, data and security?

full keynotes available soon

We are curators of high quality content, people and partners, aimed at providing the best holistic experiences for our participants and customers.


Exponential Thinking & Future Organizations. Find opportunities of Disruption and change your business. 

full keynotes available soon

Meet our world-renowned experts

who deliver our transformative content

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