Openbook wants to build a tool for good.

Openbook is an new, privacy-friendly, open-source and awesome social network giving 30% of it’s revenue towards making the world a better place, now and forever.

Founded in April 2018 in the international city of peace and justice, The Hague, Openbook is a project to build a better social network.

A social network that is honest, respects and protects the privacy of it’s users, brings people together, is fun to use and is good for the planet.


The reason we’re building yet another social network.

Social networks are awesome.

They connect us, help us share treasured moments with our loved ones and provide us with funny cat videos.

Sadly, nowadays social networks aren’t so much about connecting people, instead they are all about making as much money as possible out of people, no matter the consequences. For example the loss of privacy.

We want to do better, which is exactly why at Openbook we’re doing things differently.

Openbook will have the great things you’d expect from a social network: chats, posts, groups and events to name a few. Plus, it will be honest, personal, privacy-friendly, secure and fun ;-).

  • Honest: All the code is open-source, so free for anyone to see, modify and reproduce. No room for unpleasant surprises.
  • Privacy-friendly: We don’t monitor nor track anything you do. Surf the network with absolute peace of mind!
  • Secure: With a tough and strict security policy, we make sure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Plus, we have a cryptography pioneer in our team. End-to-end encryption anyone?
  • Easy-peasy: Simple to use, even more to move into. Just drag-and-drop your old social media archive into Openbook and import all your photos, videos, chats and more!
  • Fun! We’re bringing back the social in social network, giving interaction with your peers meaning again.
  • Personal: Customize the network the way you want. Be different, be yourself!
  • Ethical & sustainable revenue model: Our revenue model is based on a digital currency called Tip. It’s used to support content creators, subscribe to publishers, buy and sell goods and services and more!
  • 100% Ad-free: Our revenue model is not nor ever will be based on advertisement. Enjoy ad-free surfing forever!
  • Good for the planet: In partnership with FoundersPledge, we’ll be giving 30% of our revenue towards projects for education, sanitization, climate change prevention and more.

The humans behind Openbook

SingularityU NL Faculty member Jaya Baloo is Openbook’s Executive Sensei: globally recognized information-security expert, speaker on lawful interception, quantum-computing, counter surveillance and cryptography. Meet the complete human Openbook team here.

Are you interested in helping Openbook, please support them on Kickstarter!