Lieven Scheire and Lucas De Man host the first Belgian SingularityU summit ever

“I notice in everything that the great ideas of the past are back: people on Mars, brain computer interfaces, functional humanoid robots…”

Brussels, 24 July 2019 – On 23 and 24 September 2019, Singularity University will come to Belgium for the first time. During the “Exponential Europe” summit, international experts from around the world come together to discuss how Europe will deal with the accelerating dynamic of technology worldwide. Among other things, the creator of virtual reality, a specialist in human extinction, a cyborg and a blockchain expert will share their perspectives. Lieven Scheire and Lucas De Man will bring these masterminds together and welcome them.

Diederick Croese, founder and CEO of SingularityU Benelux: “Technology is affecting our personal lives, our economy, democracy and society at an accelerated pace. More than ever this progress forces us to carefully redefine our customs, ethics, culture and politics. We must be aware of the technological possibilities and enter into dialogue with each other about our intentions, values, principles and goals, so that we gain more insight into what a desirable use of these powerful technologies means. We are convinced that Lieven Scheire and Lucas De Man are the perfect people to start this conversation in Brussels.”

Lieven Scheire | Host SingulairtyU Brussels Summit 2019

Lieven Scheire & Great Ideas

“I was familiar with the concept of SingularityU and a few months ago I took a look at a SingularityU Benelux Executive Program in the Netherlands. I’m very curious about what the summit can mean as a meeting place and cross-pollination for the ideas of our time, and our view on the future,” according to Lieven Scheire.

“The ‘Big Ideas’ have been back in fashion in science and technology for a few years now. People think out loud and are even planning on futuristic issues such as life extension, people on Mars, brain computer interfaces, functional humanoid robots… It’s very inspiring to hear the experts, who work on this professionally, talk about what is and isn’t possible right now, or will be, and what exactly we want to do with these subjects as a society.”

Who would he like to see at work? “I have seen Jaya Baloo speak before and that is a true experience. Not only is she on stage with lots of energy and a great deal of enthusiasm, you also listen to someone who, as CISO, stands in the middle of the battle for internet security, and an enlightening overview of what is going on under the hood of our data streams.”

Lucas de Man | Host SingulairtyU Brussels Summit 2019

Lucas De Man: “They are always one step ahead of others”

Lucas De Man is creator, concept developer, presenter, theater maker, director, founder and artistic leader of the Nieuwe Helden Foundation. “At a conference I once started a conversation with one of Singularity University’s founders, who told me about the next steps that we, as humanity, have to take in terms of technology. That conversation has always stayed with me. Even before I heard that Singularity University is finally coming to our country, Diederick Croese from SingularityU Benelux approached me and asked if I wanted to host the Exponential Europe summit. They always seem to be one step ahead of me and the others. What I like about SingularityU is the various social themes that they touch: from finance to politics to entrepreneurship and pure technology.”