It is said to be the most disruptive technology of our time: Artificial Intelligence (AI). From screening patients and pinpointing those who need further attention to making our streets safer with semi-autonomous vehicles, the impact of AI will be bigger than the Internet.

That’s why many experts claim that AI-literacy will be crucial. Artificial Intelligence is too important to leave up to big tech companies. We need well-informed citizens and critical consumers to make sure that we steer this revolution in the right direction.

Here are the 4 educators that are currently shaking up the world of AI with their free online courses!

Andrew Ng

Andrew NgIn 2011, Andrew Ng led the development of Stanford University’s MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform and also taught an online Machine Learning class to over 100,000 students. This laid the foundation of what later became Coursera.

Coursera partners with some of the top universities in the world to offer high quality online courses, and is the largest MOOC platform in the world.

Teemu Roos

Teemu RoosIn 2018 computer scientist Teemu Roos launched a free online AI-Course together with the University of Helsinki: Elements of AI. Without requiring any coding skills, the class wants to raise awareness about the opportunities and risks of AI among people who are strangers to computer science, so they can decide for themselves what’s beneficial.

More than 10,500 people — over 6,300 of them from Finland — have graduated from the course.

Jim Stolze

Jim Stolze

Inspired by the success in Finland, SingularityU Benelux Faculty Member Jim Stolze decided to take the concept to the next level. He kept the overall structure of the course but turned it into a fun and interactive app. Adding short video-interviews with Dutch professors and creating easy to understand animations, Stolze and his team were able to reach an audience beyond the typical computer programmers.

The youngest participant was 10 and the oldest 81 years old. After four months the 10,000th student received her diploma from His Royal Highness prince Constantijn of Orange.

Siraj Raval

Using YouTube as his classroom, data scientist Siraj Raval shares online tutorials in his School of AI. His fans adore him for his ability to break down complex subjects in a very accessible manner.

So far Siraj has uploaded more than 300 mini-lectures and has over 600.000 subscribers on his channel.

AI for Good ’19

AI for GoodJim Stolze will be speaking about AI-Literacy at the AI for Good Global Summit, encouraging all nation states to offer a free online AI-course to their citizens.

The AI for Good Global Summit is THE leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on AI. The Summit is hosted each year in Geneva by the ITU in partnership with UN Sister agencies, XPRIZE Foundation and ACM.