Aaron Frank

Exponential Thinking

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Humanity has seen more progress in science and technology in the last 40 years than the previous 4000. Within the last generation, we have discovered the role that exponential growth plays in driving progress forward. We’re making exponential advances in computing technologies, communication infrastructures, artificial intelligence, biotechnologies and more. Tools that were only available to the wealthiest research labs are being democratized such that small teams the world over, can now accomplish what only governments and corporations could do just 15 years ago. Our understandings of the past are no longer sufficient to inform us about where we are headed as a species. Understand how exponential growth in technology will accelerate human progress towards the edge of what’s possible…


Aaron Frank is a researcher, writer, and lecturer at Singularity University. He is focused on the intersection of emerging technologies and accelerating change and is fascinated by the impact that both will have on business, society, and culture.

As a writer, his articles have appeared in Vice’s Motherboard, Wired UK, Forbes, and Venturebeat.

As a speaker, Aaron has lectured for audiences and organizations including the CIA, The Department of Defense, The Coca-Cola Company, Under Armour, Headquarters Air Force and more.

He routinely advises large companies, startups, and government organizations on trends related to a broad set of emerging technologies, with a focus on augmented and virtual reality.

Aaron began his work with Singularity University on the business side of the organization while it was a startup with fewer than 15 employees. He was a core part of the team responsible for the early stage growth of the company where he managed business development and strategic partnerships.

Prior to joining SU, Aaron worked at a Washington DC-based life science firm. There, Aaron managed patient advocacy campaigns, programs to expand awareness for HIV/AIDS cure research, and assisted the announcement for the first ever ethics guidelines for the bioengineering of trees.

Aaron is also a founding board member of Community Carrot, a 501c3 non-profit organization with a mission of breaking the cycle of poverty for Washington D.C.’s opportunity youth. With funding from the local D.C. government, the organization provides entrepreneurship training and access to capital for young adults who grow up in poverty.

Originally from Lower Merion, Pennsylvannia, Aaron has a degree in Communications and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Maryland, just outside the Washington D.C. area.