Arash Aazami

Rethinking Energy

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Arash Aazami: the Future of Energy
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Global Grand Challenges

An Internet of Energy for every person in the world. An algorithm-driven energy company that earns more as it sells less. Artificially intelligent grids that balance themselves. A world where everything is connected to abundant renewable resources. Arash Aazami outlines some of the most influential global energy and digitalization developments , and uses a blend of insights, technological innovations and personal experiences. His vision will awaken your inner inventor and build the future together.

Topics & Presentations

  • What is energy?
  • Arash’ personal story and anekdotes
  • Flow economy
  • Ethics

From scarcity to abundance, what is the impact & their meaning for the world?


Arash Aazami (1977) is the founder of the Internet of Energy Initiative, and mentors in social entrepreneurship at INSEAD Business School in Paris. He pioneered in online tech since the ‘90s, was the founder of the world’s first energy company to accept digital currencies as a form of payment, and his “Path to Zero” business model was awarded by MIT in 2014.

What Arash dreams, he develops into realities. Touring as a musician, pioneering in online tech, hitting rock bottom, and climbing back up again. Arash’ life journey gave him an uncanny ability to rethink, re-invent, disrupt even himself, and turn crises into opportunities. Arash lives by his personal motto: