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Food is a universal language we all experience through our senses and it feeds our body, mind and soul. By stimulating this primal need in life for 30 years as a chef, I have found freedom and can now express myself as an artist. I strive towards transcending flavors, simple but playful that open people’s minds. Allowing them to engage and making them question at the same time, guiding them to discover the essence of the real taste. Your energy is for a great part determined by your food choices.

To get the best out of yourself, you have to take the best care of yourself. It sounds so simple, because the output depends on the input. As a passionate chef for over 30 years I can tell you, that it actually is. The difficulty lies in the specifics: gathering the right knowledge of what is healthy, selecting the right ingredients, the quantity of foods that one needs, the balance of taste, the preparation methods, adding that magic touch and the time you spend doing everything. Once you get a handle on it, you can make it simple.

Chef Erling is the Chef Artist in Residence for SU Benelux and especially for this virtual programs he creates a custom food plan for you to easily make at home.
The recipes are created to help boost your energy levels, stay healthy and to optimize your brain performance. To learn the practicalities, how to create the recipes and be inspired by food, join Chef Erling in his Masterclass where he will guide you through this food journey.