Daan Kersten

Digital Manufacturing

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Daan Kersten | Additive Manufacturing
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Global Grand Challenges

Digitization is taking the manufacturing industries by storm while enabling new business models, disrupting existing value chains and democratizing fabrication. 3D printing is a family of various technologies that add material instead of subtracting it like more traditional machining processes. The combination of a fully digital design workflow and integrated manufacturing allows us to create new products and offers many opportunities to improve their weight, performance or apply personalization. Besides applications in our daily life and large industries like high tech equipment, aerospace and automotive, digital manufacturing also offers new solutions to the global grand challenges.

Topics & Presentations

  • Eindhoven tech area and why it is different/distinctive
  • Entrepreneurship and implementing innovation


Daan Kersten has Master degrees from TU Delft (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering) and Rotterdam School of Management (Business Administration) and is a serial entrepreneur with a long career in the manufacturing industry. His fields of expertise are strategy development & implementation, industrial marketing & sales, global (out)sourcing, open innovation and internationalization.

Daan is the CEO of Additive Industries, a young equipment manufacturer of high end industrial 3D metal printing systems for applications in demanding industries like automotive, aerospace, health technology and high tech equipment.