Dewi Kennis

Office Manager

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Dewi is Officemanager/team assistant at SingularityU Benelux and has over 9 years of work experience. After graduating from Hogeschool Schoevers in Eindhoven The Netherlands, Dewi started working for multinationals within Europe, USA and Asia. After 7 years of working for mulitnationals Dewi decided to take a different route in life and signed up to do volunteering work in Fiji for several months.

Why SingularityU?

The experience in Fiji and her overall fascination for the inner human being, changed her outlook on life. With this in mind she decided she wanted to contribute to a better society for everyone, and making this her purpose in life. Singularity University equips participants with the mindset, and resources to successfully navigate their transformational journey to the future. SU and Dewi’s shared focus is the awakening of society in relation to an exponential changing world.

As a(n) team assistant/officemanager Dewi makes sure the SingularityU Benelux team and back-office runs like a swiss watch. Within this role she contributes to developing a scalable and sustainable culture within our company to enable colleagues to reach their full potential as well as participants in our programs.