Henk Koster

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Henk Koster

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I am an idealist, and have been working within the Dutch Ministry of Defense for about 23 years. Key themes in the different jobs I have had are exploring, creating and connecting. I started as an officer within the Royal Engineers. After different military positions, I became a program manager, responsible for the business restructuring of our Real Estate Agency. After that I joined the central staff, as a coordinating business advisor, with a focus on governance and innovation. My main task was to stimulate innovation, not only in procedures, but also (mainly) in behavior, in order to remain relevant in the tasks we have to accomplish. I recently started as a project manager for innovation of forensic investigation, at the Dutch National Police. As project manager my job is to facilitate, coordinate and initiate different innovation projects, in collaboration with public and private partners. I like to explore and do new things, in my business and personal life. I am married to Inge. We have two kids, Jan and Mare. I am an enthusiastic sportsman, especially fitness and running.

Why SingularityU?

The SingularityU Executive Program inspired me about the impact an individual can have in solving Global Grand Challenges. As said, I am an idealist. I want to contribute to SU’s mission “to have a positive impact on the lives of a billion people”. Starting small, but ambitious.