Hervé Maas

Digital Marketeer & Growthhacker

My passion is with building and developing things. It does not matter if it’s an Google Ads campaign, a product or a relationship. But I expect you see this throughout my profile page.

Unnecessary repetition, the kind that doesn’t improve skill, is not my thing. As soon as I get the feeling that a job looks like a script that has to be performed regularly I will try to automate it. This way I do not have to do it anymore and a little later someone else does not have to either.

When I am successful at this I can concentrate my efforts on the analysis and development of the creative aspects, like strategy and tactics.

Why SingularityU?

After years at digital marketing agencies, I wanted to work for an organization that wasn’t primarily preoccupied with the bottom line the next quarter. This makes SingularityU Benelux the right fit for him. Deploying my digital marketing and growth hacking skills to educate and convince people to think about our future.