Ibrahim Ouassari

Digital Skills for an Inclusive Society

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Ibrahim will tell about his background as school dropout, self-taught entrepreneur, and how he founded MolenGeek. Teaching young people who are typically excluded from the tech sector, unleashing their potential as entrepreneurs, innovators, and talent in technology. Helping them to develop themselves in becoming future leaders. The tech sector is growing, but lacking the local talent to fill these positions. Rather than recruit abroad, MolenGeek wants to change the education system to make these positions more accessible.


Ibrahim Ouassari is the founder and CEO of MolenGeek, an inclusive tech ecosystem in Molenbeek, Brussels. Following an atypical, self-taught career in technology, Ibrahim established himself as an accomplished consultant in the sector. He went on to launch his entrepreneurial career as founder of Urbantech, a development company with some of Belgium’s biggest industries as clients. He is also the founder of Crowdfly, a recruitment platform for consultants and high-skilled professionals.