Ilona van der Rijt

Speaker Liaison

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Ilona has over ten years of work experience in startup ecosystems, non profit organisations and companies that all have one thing in common: create a better society and environment for everyone. She was speaker liaison for Capitalfest, a conference for tech scale-ups and investors organised by His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn. As a freelance, international project manager she is also building training programs for European startups en scale-ups that want to expand to India. Ilona studied fine arts, arts management, and received a bachelor’s degree in leisure management. She lived in Canada, Spain and Australia and is currently living in Amsterdam.

Why SingularityU?

Singularity University aims to improve the lives of people though exponential technologies. Ilona’s personal driver aligns with that ambition. Together with others she wants to work on programs that contribute to a better society. As a Speaker Liaison she manages the SingularityU Benelux Faculty and prepares them for national and international speaking engagements. Searching for new speakers, involvement in program design and improving overall speaker management also belongs to her tasks. Ilona enjoys working for a worldwide organization, together with international colleagues and inspirational speakers. Witnessing the impact of speakers on the participants of SingularityU’s programs makes her work very fulfilling.