Jane Zavalishina

AI & Data Strategy

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Global Grand Challenges

In the past decade, data has become the fuel that drives businesses all over the world. The large quantity, variety, and rate of data feeds challenge conventional infrastructure and traditional thinking yet offer many new opportunities. How do exponential organizations think about data? We’ll explain how innovative corporations and startups are using data to amplify their capabilities and provide examples of data and AI in action – embedded in the fabric of our everyday lives.

Topics & Presentations

  • Interactive session
  • Intro to AI with company examples
  • How to implement data in your company

AI comes into our everyday lives with a great promise to bring us the new levels of personalisation, efficiency, safety and sustainability. But such a powerful tool also creates serious challenges: if you don’t know what you are doing, you can very quickly and efficiently end up in a very wrong place. How do we ensure that AI we are implementing doesn’t do us more harm than good? In this talk, we’ll show how AI is already working to make our lives better and how it leads to the transformation of businesses and even the whole industries. We will also analyse the risks, challenges and lessons already learned on this journey. AI is a powerful tool, so let’s learn together how to use it properly – and for good.


Jane Zavalishina is the President and Co-founder of Mechanica AI, a provider of AI-based solutions for the industrial sector. Throughout her career, she has always focused on applying innovative technologies to create new and transform traditional businesses. She held various executive positions within Yandex, one of the Europe’s largest internet companies and Russia’s leading search engine. Since 2014, she was CEO of Yandex Data Factory, a new business unit focused on enterprise machine learning solutions. Before taking up the leadership of this new business, Jane was serving as Chief Executive Officer of Yandex’s e-commerce payment service Yandex.Money, which she joined in 2005. Under Jane’s leadership Yandex.Money became one of the strongest players on the country’s e-commerce market and one of the most recognized e-payment brands in this country. Prior to becoming head of Yandex.Money, Jane served as Chief Product Officer at Yandex. In this role, she helped Yandex to reach the leading position on the internet market in Russia and gain popularity with its wide range of web-based products and services.

Jane is a frequent speaker on the topics of AI strategy and applications at various events in Europe, Middle East and Asia. She’s a faculty member of SingularityU Benelux and a mentor in Rockstart AI Accelerator. She also serves on the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Councils.

In 2016, Jane was named in Silicon Republic’s Top 40 Women in Tech as an Inspiring Leader. She is recognized by Inspiring Fifty as one of the top fifty most inspirational women in the technology sector in the Netherlands in 2016, 2017 and 2019.