Jaron Lanier

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Jaron Lanier

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Founding father of VR, Nominated in the TIME 100 list of most influential people and writer: Dawn of the New Everything (2017)

“It’s difficult for me to accept that the ideas of my sweet youth aren’t working, but fortunately there are other ideas available to test, and there is no need for despair.”


Jaron Zepel Lanier is an American computer philosophy writer, computer scientist, visual artist, and composer of classical music. Considered a founding father of the field of virtual reality, Lanier and Thomas G. Zimmerman left Atari in 1985 to found VPL Research, Inc., the first company to sell VR goggles and gloves. In the late 1990s, Lanier worked on applications for Internet2, and in the 2000s, he was a visiting scholar at Silicon Graphics and various universities. In 2006 he began to work at Microsoft, and from 2009 has worked at Microsoft Research as an Interdisciplinary Scientist. In 2010, Lanier was nominated in the TIME 100 list of most influential people.

Jaron has written three bestsellers:

  • You Are Not A Gadget (2010)
  • Who owns the Future (2013)
  • Dawn of the New Everything: Encounters with Reality and Virtual Reality (2017)
  • Ten Reasons For Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now (2018)