Jaroslaw Jaworski

Industrializing Space

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Jaroslaw is currently Operations Manager at Made In Space Europe and previously a System Engineer in Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, responsible for projects and activity related to on-orbit robotics. He is also an active member of the Polish Space Industry Association “SPACE PL”.

He believes that space exploration is a challenge and future of all Humanity. Big fun of the Moon Village concept.


Jaroslaw Jaworski leads the daily operations of Luxembourg-based Made In Space Europe. With a special focus on space robotics, Jaroslaw has heavy backgrounds in both business and engineering.

After starting his space adventure at Students Space Association during his time at Warsaw University of Technology, Jaroslaw spent several years lobbying Poland to join the European Space Agency through promoting the benefits of such a partnership.  Since then, he has developed several technologies for satellite servicing and lunar exploration, working as a systems engineer, project manager, and leading a space robotics department.

Jaroslaw teaches at International Space University, and holds degrees in aerospace engineering and accounting and finances. He is a co-founder of Luxembourg Space Federation, which is a non-profit organisation supporting space-focused education in Luxembourg.

Jaroslaw‘ s ambition and career are dedicated to making space more accessible for humans. He hopes that his work makes living and working in space common for people. Jaroslaw believes that space industrialisation, a concept introduced by Harry Stone and Gerard K. O’Neill, is the key to solving space’s biggest challenges.