Jasper Bloemen

Bio Design

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Imagine this: growing your own construction materials for your new house. And having clothes from bacteria and algae taken out of your own bioreactor. Such new biotech applications are emerging, setting the stage for a new wave of bio-innovation. During this talk, Jasper Bloemen from the open innovation hub GLIMPS will take you on an exploration into the world of biofabrication and biodesign. A world where biology, design and engineering converge and build the next tech revolution.


Jasper Bloemen, co-founder of GLIMPS.

Jasper was trained as bio-engineer and obtained his PhD in global change ecology, before moving to the field of biodesign and biofabrication.

When he became a member of the open biolab Reagent and co-founded science education non profit Ekoli, he started to experiment with biofabricating materials from living organisms such as bacteria and fungi. With GLIMPS, an open innovation hub on biodesign and circular economy, Jasper engages together with Elise Elsacker and Winnie Poncelet  a strategic transition towards an open bio-based economy. An economy where bio, design and engineering converge.