Jasper de Valk

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Jasper de Valk

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Jasper will give an introduction to X, The Moonshot Factory of Alphabet, and share his learnings from 9 years of working on innovation at Google and X. In the talk he’ll dive into the people, culture and organization needed to fuel moonshots such as self-driving cars, delivery drones and robotics.

X – The Moonshot Factory
X is a diverse group of inventors and entrepreneurs who build and launch technologies that aim to improve the lives of millions, even billions, of people. Our goal: 10x impact on the world’s most intractable problems, not just 10% improvement. We approach projects that have the aspiration and riskiness of research with the speed and ambition of a startup.


Jasper spent the first 10 years of his career helping companies innovate. As a strategy consultant and later through TED he has been bringing together start-ups and corporates to accelerate ideas. Before joining Google Jasper founded a drone company and worked with universities to discover how ideas move through organizations.

At Google Jasper was responsible for Booking.com globally after which he transitioned to X to help Alphabet land Moonshots in the real world.

Currently Jasper leads Google’s efforts to help merchants through the pandemic and serves as an advisor for X.