Jim Stolze

Moderator & Artificial Intelligence

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Jim Stolze | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
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Global Grand Challenges

How can we seize the opportunity and make sure that exponential technologies are used in a positive way, solving our grandest challenges in the process? Jim Stolze will educate us on what it means to be an exponential leader. How we can embrace change, grow, live our purpose and start making a difference.

Topics & Presentations

  • Why is there a Singularity University?
  • Exponential growth as set in in Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns
  • Humans and organizations think linearly… it’s hard to keep up with exponential change
  • What are exponential technologies (examples + applications)
  • 6D’s framework from Peter Diamandis
  • Ways to deal with disruption (drawing from the ExO book)
  • Leadership

What does exponential mean? And more importantly, how does it feel and what could the impact be? After this talk the participants understand the concept of exponential growth; they can identify exponentially growing technologies; and can apply the concept of the 6D’s to these developments. The concepts of Moonshot (10X) and the Grand Challenges will be addressed.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence – it is said to be the most disruptive technology of our life-time. But what is it? And what is the current state of the art? After this talk participants understand the difference between rule based systems and machine learning. They can explain how deep learning works and why this is important for Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. Also a framework for ethical AI is introduced and explained.

Artificial Intelligence – from hype to value A very popular master class on what Artificial Intelligence really is (and what it’s not), this is basically a tour across the AI landscape. Clear explanations of several machine learning algorithms, applications of natural language processing, voice, deep learning and computer vision. The principles behind Responsible Data Science and a framework for Ethics will be addressed.

In 2011 Jim Stolze had his DNA sequenced by an American company. Since then he has discovered many new things about his family, his personal health and that around the world many people are already using software to “re-write the code of life”. This is a very intimate story, that will impress the participants as much as it will spark a lively debate!

Consumer DNA testing (advanced)

Millions of people across the globe already had their DNA digitized by companies like 23andMe or MyHeritage.com. It is expected that two years from now this will be so cheap that everyone will do it. This is going to have huge implications on how we’ll live, what we eat and how we pay for health-insurance. In a humorous, thought provoking talk Jim Stolze will show from personal experience what this future might look like.

How do you lead in exponential times? Technology is one thing, but how can you scale the organization? The winners of tomorrow are the companies that can learn the quickest. How can you empower your teams to experiment. How can you incentivize learning, failing and sharing? Learn the attributes of the most successful exponential organizations.

Part 1: WOW
Jim will start with a cool story on digital genomics. How this exponential technology is shaking things up in healthcare, energy and the material science. This disruption comes with great threats and opportunities. This will open the minds of the audience.

Part 2: HOW
Every organization is dealing with two or more of those ‘disruptions’. Jim will highlight 12 domains where we see exponential growth. These are domains where the biggest impact (positive or negative) can be expected. Exponential organizations are using such technologies together with new methodologies / mindsets to create not 10% growth but 10X.

Part 3: NOW
In the third part of his talk Jim will zoom into the one technology that will have the most impact: Artificial Intelligence. He will give an update on the current state of this technology and how this will change the way we live, work and organize.

Hand-on Machine Learning. Most companies are data-rich but information poor. How do change this? Jim explains the different flavors of machine learning using the Machine Learning Canvas. Participants can use their own datasets and challenges to fill in the canvas for their teams / organization. The result is an action based plan for a new machine learning application.


Jim Stolze (Artifical Intelligence) is a tech-entrepreneur located at Amsterdam Science Park. As one of Singularity University’s accredited faculty members, Jim speaks to diverse groups around the world on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Exponential Leadership and Digital Ethics. From 2009 – 2016 Jim Stolze was selected as one of the twelve ambassador for TED.com worldwide. Under his leadership TEDx events (including TEDxAmsterdam) were organized, generating in total millions of pageviews for European ideas and winning numerous awards.

In 2016 he decided to focus all his attention to a new adventure. His company Aigency is a fast-growing company that offers Artificial Intelligence solutions to clients like Heineken and the Ministry of Health. A graduate of VU University Amsterdam, Jim Stolze earned his MBA-degree at Lemniscaat Business School and completed the course “Artificial Intelligence; implications for Business and Strategy” at the MIT Sloan School of Management and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL).