Lieven Scheire

Comedian, physicist & science communicator

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Lieven Scheire is a comedian, physicist and science communicator on stage and on TV, in Dutch and in English. He develops and hosts TV shows, tours on stage with an English spoken scientific comedy set and hosts events for universities and scientific or technological companies. His mix of science and comedy are quite unique and much appreciated by the audience. He can explain science or interview scientists, with both a thorough understanding of the topic, and witty lightheartedness.

The QI team are fans, having twice invited him to the ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ podcast with the QI-elves. When it comes to his stand-up, Scheire regularly performs to 1000+ seaters in Holland and Belgium, sometimes venturing as far as Spain or Switzerland (he was top of the bill at the first edition of the CERN comedy festival in 2013). In 2015 Lieven made his Edinburgh Fringe debut (with all shows sold out), but he is no stranger to performing in the UK, at high-caliber gigs such as the Barbican’s Wikipedia-festival, or the ‘Pint of Science’ tour, which brought him to universities in London, Oxford and Cambridge.

“If nerds are the new hunks then the charming Lieven Scheire was set to win heads and hearts at this year’s Fringe, with his unique non-fiction stand-up. Scheire takes little concepts like, oh you know, Einstein’s’ theory of relativity, and explains them in a way that is not only accessible but also hilarious.

If science lessons back at school had been more like this, maybe we would have all paid more attention and be six times smarter now.”