Liviu Babitz

Human Enhancement Innovator

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Cyborg Nest is the world’s leading company to offer new senses for humans. In a world in which we are all cyborgs, CyborgNest aims to enhance our sensory palette with new senses in order to be able to create, think, and feel from places we never did before. Without our nose there was no perfume, without our ears no music, without the eyes no content, and as we march  into the new era of the metaverse and artificial intelligence powered by increasingly smarter tech, they decided to make people smarter instead.


Liviu is the co-founder of Cyborg Nest, the world’s leading company to sell intelligently designed senses for humans. There is more around us than we can perceive with our senses, so we decided to start sensing some of it. In a world dominated by artificial intelligence created to make our phones, cars and homes smarter, we decided to make people smarter instead. In his previous role, Liviu was the COO of Videre est Credere, worked undercover and built undercover networks of people who use technology to document human rights violations in places where no one has access.