Lucien Engelen


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Global Grand Challenges

The future has never been built by looking into the rearview mirror. As healthcare is up for its own Copernican moment change lures at the edge of this sector. New players, big money, huge challenges are creating a vacuum that creates a perfect haven for disruption. How to keep the good from the current healthcare-models globally available and mix it with the opportunities of new technology and insights based on real-time data.

Topics & Presentations

The transformation from healthcare What’s the impact on your operating model, how will your ‘business’ model look like, what’s beyond the ‘edge’ of your current role and how to prepare your organization for a soft landing into the future.

How is the digital transformation (4th industrial revolution) impacting the way we (are going to) work. How we (need to) hire our (new) workforce and how to educate our (future) workforce.

How to build capacity and capabilities for a future full of uncertainties and possible disruptions.


Lucien internationally operates at the convergence of Innovation & Strategy for executive boards, governments, corporates, and professionals i.e. via his (part-time) role as Edge Fellow in Deloitte’s Center for the Edge (Amsterdam, Melbourne, and San Francisco) where he leads Global Digital Health. He is also Faculty at Exponential Medicine (since 2011) at SU in Silicon Valley, and is in high demand as a global keynote speaker on the change of health(care) and the future of work.

He is the former (founding) director of the well known REshape Center at Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre and advisor to the Board of Directors (2007-2018). His experience in healthcare (Ambulance Services, Dispatch centers, Academical Medical Center and numerous boards) brought him on the forefront of health(care) innovation for the past 3 decades. His modus operandi is always challenging, ‘sometimes’ provocative but always techno-realistic. His goal is to prepare for a soft landing into the future, by bringing tomorrows problems to today, meanwhile creating sustainable global health(care) for all.