Maarten Steinbuch


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Maarten Steinbuch: Robotics
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Global Grand Challenges

Why are the best skilled surgeons using their own hands while doing very precise procedures in the human body? They have enhanced sight by using microscopes and 3D imaging, but they manipulate their scissors and knifes still with their hand motions. What an unbalance between sensing and actuation! Maarten Steinbuch will show us that this is going to change drastically. His goal is to achieve the level of super-surgeons by utilizing high tech robotics. Leverage our unique eco-system of the high-tech industry to realize this in an exponential pace and ultimately enable less skilled surgeons in rural areas all over the world to perform top class surgery.

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Maarten Steinbuch is Distinguished University Professor at TU Eindhoven and his field is Systems- and Control. He received M.Sc. and PhD degrees from TU Delft. From 1987-1998 he was with Philips Research.

In 2016 Maarten was awarded as Simon Stevin Meester 2016, which is the highest award for Engineering Sciences in the Netherlands. He is Scientific Director of the High Tech Systems Center. He is co-founder and CEO of Eindhoven Medical Robotics BV.