Maayke Aimée Damen

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Maayke Damen

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Maayke Aimée Damen
Serial chocolate eater. Caffeine dependent life form made of stardust.
Trying to create a circular economy and reinstate waste for the valuable resource that it is.

Resources Passport of Maayke:
Nutrition facts
Serving size: Prototype of God never meant for mass production.
Sample size: One; not statistically significant, nor representative.

Brain: Works fast, ingenious, creative, loves stories and finding new possibilities
Ears: Capability: good listener. Size: tiny compared to my grandfather’s 10cm
Tongue: Good communication skills, public speaker and an above average number of taste buds (yes, I counted)
Stomach: Deals well with stressful situation. Love really goes through the stomach
Freckles: Tried to count them, impossible
And a lot of other cool things that make up a human. Being.

Best before: Getting hungry again.
Doesn’t perform well when cold. Preferable store at 25⁰C.
Allergy information: turns green when consuming cow-milk.
Warning: has addictive qualities
Value: to parents invaluable. Otherwise value depends upon taste.

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