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Cyber Security

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Global Grand Challenges

As cyberattacks grow in number and sophistication, it is essential that data is protected. With today’s evolving threat landscape, cybercrime is growing parallel to technological progress, and incorporating exponential algorithmic and computational advances. Award winning Cybersecurity expert and social entrepreneur Melanie will explain what you need to know, and help you future-proof the security of your systems and infrastructure.

Topics & Presentations

When it comes to IT assets: Is there a tension between security and openness? The prevailing wisdom is that there is. As Melanie Rieback explains, there needn’t be. Melanie discusses how open source methods and transparency help to improve security. Those who want to defend against cyberattacks should cooperate with each other, because the truth is attackers do too.

In this talk Melanie Rieback introduces the basics of Pentesting ChatOps, and will discuss the processes and open-source tools needed to enable Pentesting ChatOps within your own organization. ChatOps, a concept originating from Github, is chatroom-driven DevOps for distributed teams, using chatbots (like Hubot) to execute custom scripts and plugins. We have applied the concept of ChatOps to the penetration testing workflow, and found that it fits outstandingly – for everything from routine scanning to spearphishing to pentest gamification. This talk discusses the tools that we use (RocketChat, Hubot, Gitlab, pentesting tools), and provides battle stories of using Pentesting ChatOps in practice.

Battle stories of the offensive side

Spearphishing is a known tactic, but how about using spam as a phishing vector? This presentation introduces “phishing spam”, an open-source Spearphishing Toolkit. The need, process and methods used for spearphishing are illustrated through an actual client case from Radically Open Security. The case has a surprising ending with an ethical + philosophical twist. This is the kind of story that only comes from the trenches.

We have entered the era of President Trump. Activists, NGOs, and charities thus need to reexamine the stability of (and motives behind) their funding sources. Surprisingly, business is an excellent tool that one can leverage to change the system. While business is not perceived as sexy by most activist-types, this talk will explain why social enterprises are tactical, lightweight, independent, effective, and why they are now more important than ever.

This presentation introduces the concept of the Nonprofit Company (based upon the Dutch concept of a Fiscal Fundraising Institution). Melanie Rieback is the CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security, the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company. She will present a few case studies (in the IT industry), and provide a number of compelling reasons why your next startup should be… not-for-profit!


Dr. Melanie Rieback is the CEO/Co-founder of Radically Open Security, the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company. She is also a former Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Free University of Amsterdam who performed RFID security research, that attracted worldwide press coverage, and won several awards (Mediakomeet, ISOC Award, NWO I/O award, IEEE Percom Best Paper, USENIX Lisa Best Paper). Melanie worked as a Senior Engineering Manager on XenClient at Citrix, where she led their Vancouver office, and was the head researcher in the Cybercrime team (CSIRT) at ING Bank. For fun, she co-founded the Dutch Girl Geek Dinner in 2008.

Melanie was named 2010 ICT Professional of the Year (Finalist) by WomeninIT, one of the 400 most successful women in the Netherlands by Viva Magazine (Viva400) in 2010 and 2017, one of the fifty most inspiring women in tech (Inspiring Fifty Netherlands) in 2016, 2017, and 2019. She was also called the Most Innovative IT Leader by CIO Magazine NL (TIM Award) in 2017, and one of the 8 Most Innovative Women in the European Union (EU Women Innovators Prize) in 2019. Her company, Radically Open Security was named the 50th Most Innovative SME by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (MKB Innovatie Top 100) in 2016.