Merijn Rijsdijk

Program Design & Facilitator

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Merijn has over 18 years of experience in leading and designing transformations. As a purpose-driven innovator he has a healthy disrespect for the status quo, and likes to put things in motion, with respect for what has been achieved and (still) has value. For organizations to become future-proof, he believes that applying future thinking and having an inspiring purpose and strategy is essential, but success is determined to what extent an organization is capable of making ideas come alive. He supports organizations in their transformation to a desired future. Examples: strategy design, transformation readiness assessment, identification and removal of blockages.


Why SingularityU?

The purpose of SU; Preparing leaders & organizations for the future seamlessly matches my own purpose and passion for transforming organizations and people, based on a desired future. The disruptive implications and opportunities of exponential technologies have increased the need for future-based transformation, but also offer opportunities to solve urgent problems of humanity. I am happy to be able to contribute to a better future.