Nadine Swinkels

Program Design & Projectmanagement

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In business and in her personal life Nadine likes “getting things done”. She has extensive experience as an event and marketing manager. As an entrepreneur she currently works on a variety of projects, both nationally as internationally, that are all linked to innovation and our ever changing future.

For every project Nadine endeavours to be involved from start to finish. She needs to understand what the goal of the project is to design a fitting concept and an entire program that contains the right ingredients to achieve that goal together. Nadine makes the entire project an experience and she strives for an impact that will last.

Why SingularityU?

“I always seek for opportunities to make a difference with the work that I do. Singularity provides the perfect opportunity to do so. With our experienced team I’m able to build programs that are truly amazing experiences in which we make people aware of the biggest challenges we face in the world, the responsibility they have as a person living in it and beyond that to inspire and stimulate them to do something about it. We see many participants really make a transformative change in their personal life and their businesses after our events. How can that not make you extremely proud!?”