Yuri van Geest

Exponential Organizations & Leadership

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Yuri van Geest | Exponential Organizations
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Global Grand Challenges

Our organizations are built for a linear world, but our environment is changing exponentially. Therefore, there’s a need for organizing differently and a need for new leaders. Exponential Leadership is about open, humble, vulnerable, authentic, purpose driven leadership. Building open horizontal ecosystems. Enabling and facilitating but also very decisive. Asking questions and being bold and courageous. Most importantly, they are aligned holistically and have skin in the game. Intuitive decision making due to alignment inside them. Yuri van Geest will share concrete examples and highlight the attributes of Exponential Leadership.

Topics & Presentations

Increasing the importance of strategy, personal change, connect with spirituality.

The mind of the Chinese leaders, transaction vs relations, macro situation, cooperation.

Future of organizations & leadership, discover your purpose, social rating system, re-invent your self, sensing above doing.


Yuri van Geest is an author, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur on exponential emerging technologies. He has a strong background in corporates, agencies, central government, startups and his own innovation company Trend8. Yuri is initiator van Singularity University in the Netherlands and co-author of the bestselling book called Exponential Organizations with Salim Ismail, Mike Malone and Peter Diamandis. The book is about the fundamentally new ways startups and corporates are organized internally and externally to deal with disruption, exponential technologies and accelerated change.