SingularityU Benelux highlights 2019

and moving into 2020

We hope that you’ve started 2020 with a bang! Singularity University has announced its new CEO, Steve Leonard, for a fresh start of a new decade.

In this company news update we would like to share some of the 2019 highlights of SingularityU Benelux.

SingularityU Brussels Summit

For our fourth Summit, we aimed to #futureproofeurope in Europe’s capital city; Brussels. About 700 attendees from all over Europe enjoyed two full days of inspirational talks, expert keynotes and personal stories by 24 speakers, SU Speakers including several European faculty members and international speakers such as Jaron Lanier, Eva KailiJamie Susskind, Aidan Cowley, Eva Gladek, Liviu Babitz and Anders Sandberg. We also created an expo, where several technologies could be experienced firsthand, book signings were held with some of our speakers and visitors could come into contact with us at the SU booth.

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SingularityU Benelux Executive Programs

We held our fourth (April) and fifth edition (November) of our Executive Program in 2019. This intense and immersive 3,5-day learning experience was aimed enabling game changers and change makers to be the Future Leaders needed in this time of exponential change.

During both Executive Programs, up to 50 Future Leaders from all over the world joined. Not only from corporates, but also from small businesses, public institutions and governments. Infused with the knowledge or our esteemed faculty and guided by our skilled facilitators, they created their possible future scenarios and are now guiding their organization into the future. (photos)

Our next SingularityU Benelux Executive Program will take place from 19-22 April. Followed by a next edition in October.

More about our next Executive Program

Custom Programs

We are really expanding in Europe: organizing Custom Programs in Estonia (Rabobank), in Spain (Tommy Hilfiger), Belgium (Ageas), and multiple programs for the German innovation subsidiary of RWE, Innogy. We are increasingly leveraging our international network of SU partners, co-organizing various programs in Italy, Portugal and Brazil.

DLL (De Lage Landen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group) – In co-creation with DLL, three modules were designed for the top-300 professionals of their worldwide organization, focusing on building an innovative culture and guiding their leaders and influencers towards creating a lasting impact for DLL and their industry.

Ministry of Defence – The Dutch Ministry of Defence has created a year-long learning program to develop their future leaders. For the third year we facilitated the kick-off for 50 of these leaders. During two fully immersive days, we helped them grasp the future, discover opportunities for innovation, helped transform their thinking radically and guided these exponential leaders.

More info about a Custom Program

Faculty & Facilitators

For all our programs, including custom programs, we work together with some of the best technological experts, entrepreneurs and practitioners. In 2019, we had four new faculty members joining us. This year we expect to add an additional 5 faculty members (4 women), expanding our content range.

We’re proud that our faculty members spoke internationally at Summits in South-Africa, Thailand, Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and Executive Programs in Italy, US and South Africa.

In 2020, we’ll be doing many more of these programs for corporate and institutional innovators. Would you like to know how our team and facilitators can help you become a Future Leader? Or how our Custom Program can take your organization to the next level?

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Community events

Our Meetup community grew to 2200+ members in 2019, with 12 (mostly) free events held by the SingularityU Benelux Community in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Luxembourg and Brussels, including topics about Disruptive Innovation, Neuroscience, Social Enterprises, Health & Longevity and the Next Society.

These events are accessible for anyone interested in exponential technologies or joining the SU Benelux Community.

Upcoming events

European Expansion

Change is vital to a sustainable European society. Our European society is rich in culture and should internationally take a stand for its strong social human values in these turbulent times. European industry should proudly and boldly build on its strengths and seize the range of opportunities that new technologies offer. Europe’s distributed vitality is unprecedented.

Creative application of cutting-edge technology will allow European businesses to drive industrial leadership, to grow exponentially and to benefit society greatly. Innovation improves people’s lives and builds a better, greener, more sustainable society. Thus, a deep understanding of the impact of technology on businesses, governance and our society is needed. Many people, organizations and communities are not yet taking full advantage of these technological advancements, or the new economy and innovative business models they offer. That’s why SingularityU The Netherlands expanded its reach within Europe, becoming SingularityU Benelux.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at one of our future programs and/or events!

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