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We’re encountering some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is affecting every part of our lives; every business, every industry, our society – even what it means to be “human”. These changes show no signs of slowing down; in fact, they’re accelerating rapidly.

We – as human beings – have an essential role to play in this. Will we allow technology to disrupt everything, or do we seize the opportunity and make sure that these technologies are used in a positive way, solving our grandest challenges in the process? To achieve this we need Exponential Leaders: pioneers, change makers, game changers – people who embrace change and see it as an opportunity to grow and make a difference.

Will you take responsibility and seize this opportunity? Are you the one to guide your organization towards a lasting impact in the world? Do you have the courage to start a movement of positive change? Then, the world needs you!

Join the SingularityU Benelux Executive Program; a leadership program for Future Leaders and Management.

“I was able to step out of the ordinary daily life and be inspired by some new intellectual visions. At the Singularity NL Executive Program I ran into everything, than what I do in everyday life.”

Roel Popping
Director Payments ING the Netherlands & Belgium

Begin your journey

We invite you to our SingularityU Benelux Executive Program; an exclusive and immersive leadership program limited to 50 Future Leaders. You will begin your journey towards Exponential Leadership here.

Within this leadership program, we bring leading (international) experts and thinkers together with extensive knowledge of exponential technologies, global impact, ethics, leadership and organizational change. We will provide you with the mindset, skills and tools to create a lasting impact, by learning you how to:

  • Unlock your potential and deal with these changes

  • See opportunities to solve global challenges

  • Identify exponential technologies that will help with your endeavors

  • Lead and transform your organization and start a movement


This and more will be covered during a couple of immersive days of presentations, discussions, workshops, site-visits and technology experiences.

About this program

The SingularityU Benelux Executive Program is an exclusive and immersive leadership program that is limited to 50 executives and top influencers who want to become the Future Leaders and create the future of their organization in a world driven by exponential growth.

The program will take place in Eindhoven – the Design and Tech capital of the Netherlands. We will combine inspirational speakers, engaging workshops and intriguing site visits. In our unique classroom setting we’ll introduce you to the latest innovations and developments in exponential technologies and challenge you to think about changing the future by exploring moonshot ideas to solve humanity’s biggest challenges.

During the program you will:

  • Begin your journey towards becoming an exponential leader.

    With technological developments accelerating quickly, we need to learn how to deal with these changes, how this impacts us as human beings. Gain insights into how to unlock your true potential and embrace a new skillset, toolset and mindset that inspires and empowers both the individual and the organization, to adapt and evolve.

  • Learn about current and state of the art exponential technologies.

    Your view of what the future holds will permanently shift after your exposure to exponential technologies. You’ll start to see how technology can unlock solutions that will change the world and your future.

  • Understand the power of moonshot thinking and the potential to impact 1 billion people.

    The Global Grand Challenges (GGCs) are worldwide problems too big to ignore. To solve these challenges requires the same kind of extraordinary “moonshot” thinking that took humanity to the moon – the belief that we can achieve anything that can be imagined and knowing this can be realized through the application of new technology.

  • Discover new tools and skills to translate your new knowledge into action.

    Tools for integrating these concepts within your organization are at the core of the program: lean startup processes, DIY tools, rapid prototyping, future forecasting and scenario based reasoning, unlocking human potential, and open source approaches to innovation.

  • Become inspired by examples of how people are using exponential technology to solve global grand challenges.

    Domain experts and renowned speakers will share case-studies about businesses that have already set an example that solving the Global Grand Challenges also makes good business sense. Triple bottom line thinking.

  • Develop a step-by-step action plan to scale your impact.

    In a mixture of lectures, workshops, site-visits, informal evening discussions, pitch sessions, and free time in the innovation hub, you will radically shift your perspective on the future and your ability to leverage new technologies in a highly competitive world.

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Who will you meet?

You will be part of a cohort of 50 dynamic leaders and changemakers who will deepen your understanding and broaden your perspective of our changing world. Each cohort attracts CEOs, CTOs, R&D leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, regulators, and thought leaders.

Together with our partners we will provide you an immersive experience both during the day program and in the evening.

Alumni from previous editions:

Who should attend?

  • A corporate or government executive leading transformation or disruption in their organization.

  • Owners, executives and innovation leaders of SMEs who want to shape their companies using accelerating technologies.

  • Innovators and entrepreneurs who want to shape a positive and bright future.


The ticket price for the SingularityU Benelux Executive Program is € 6.000,- VAT excluded. The ticket for the 3-day full immersive program include accommodation, catering, dinners, excursions and workshop material. Please note that travel arrangements and other activities outside of the program are excluded from the ticket price.

We believe that learnings on exponential growth and leadership are more easily conveyed, when shared among like-minded colleagues. To ensure a lasting impact of the insights of the program, you can now apply to the Executive Program along with a colleague. Therefore we have launched a new ticket type for our Executive Program; the ‘Tandemticket’, which costs €11.000,- (VAT excluded) for two seats for participants from the same organization.

This 3-day immersive program starts on Monday at approximately 8:30. You can check into your hotelroom at the Pullman Hotel on Sunday evening to be well rested and relaxed to start the program on Monday morning.

The program ends on Wednesday at approximately 17:00.

It is possible to order up to 2 tickets. For this you will need to provide the full names and email addresses for each of the tickets ordered.

We believe that learnings on exponential growth and leadership are more easily conveyed, when shared among like-minded colleagues. To ensure a lasting impact of the insights of the program, you can now apply to the Executive Program along with a colleague. Therefore we have launched a new ticket type for our Executive Program; the ‘Tandemticket’, which costs €11.000,- (VAT excluded) for two seats for participants from the same organization.

Payment can be done after receiving an invoice from our finance department. Please note that payment is required in advance of the SingularityU Benelux Executive Program. You will receive an invoice receipt after completing the order.

Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person by contacting us at programs@subenelux.org.

The program will take place in-person in Eindhoven according to the at that moment applicable WHO guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19. If SingularityU decides not to proceed with planning this program in-person but as an online program, we will inform all participants in the beginning of the program.

Due to the event being held in the Netherlands, payment of VAT (tax) is required for all attendees. Individuals or companies outside of the Netherlands can claim a VAT refund at the Dutch Tax Department after the event. More information about this process can be found here.

Your can assure your seat for the SingularityU Benelux Executive Program by filling in the application form. Our sales team will contact you and confirm your application and you will receive an invoice via email. Tickets are personal, but in case you would like to transfer this ticket to another person, please contact us at programs@subenelux.org.

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