Anticipating Exponential Change

SingularityU Benelux and Minkowski know the incredible positive impact, as well as the devastating power exponential trends can have. If the viral spread of COVID-19 teaches us one thing, is that it’s hard for us humans who are linearly wired, to comprehend these exponential trends.

Being able to anticipate and therefore identify both business opportunities as well as societal threats, is increasingly important in a time when the world is changing faster than ever before. Moving from a linear to an exponential mindset, is one of the key tools of our current curriculum.

“Understanding the disruptive nature of exponential trends in these unprecedented times has become an indispensable asset for any leader in tech, business and government.”

Diederick Croese – CEO SingularityU Benelux

5 Online

Deep Dives

We have developed 5 online deep dives for organizations to help navigate these disruptive times. See this page if you’re curious to find out what we can do for your organization.

These are the modules currently on offer. Each module runs for 75 minutes, consisting of a keynote and an interactive session:

  1. Exponential Thinking

    – What is exponential thinking and which technologies are driving it?
    – Identify opportunities and threats in the future for your organization.

  2. Digital Biology in a World of Pandemics

    – Understanding Digital Biology and the importance for your business.
    – What are the most relevant questions to ask yourself for your company?

  3. Resilience & Adaptivity

    – How can you become more resilient by adapting to disruptive change?
    – Developing moonshots to adapt to unforeseen changes?

  4. Future of Work & Organizations

    – What are the most fundamental changes in work that are here to stay?
    – Defining new principles for organizing that work.

  5. Leadership Under Extreme Conditions

    – How do you lead an organization that is navigating uncertain futures?
    – What would your personal action plan look like?

Why you should participate?

  • Moderated Online & Offline Collaboration

    The online deep dives that we have developed are not a digital version of what you can normally experience in the offline SingularityU programs. We believe that the power of a digital platform lies in the in-depth collaboration that can be facilitated between participants and faculty. Our online modules are therefore more interactive and highly collaborative. Our faculty will actively engage with participants in proven learning and collaboration techniques that we have developed in collaboration with Minkowski, Agency for Applied Futures.

  • Learning Acceleration Box

    We will provide participants with a box full of materials that will accelerate the learning process and weaves the physical and the digital, together as one experience. At the end of a module each participant will have a document for future reference that was co-created with all participants and faculty.

  • SingularityU Faculty

    Every online deep dive session will feature one member of the SingularityU faculty that will give a brief inspirational challenge to the participants. In the hour that follows this keynote, participants will work in several group activities facilitated by top notch facilitators to translate the thinking to their practice and derive lessons for the future in collaboration with the faculty member.

  • Overall Learning Objectives

    The objective of the online modules is to learn about new exponential technologies; to learn new tools for sensemaking and future exploration; to understand
    the drivers behind exponential change and to give participants access to information via a SingularityU certified program so they can make well informed decisions to anticipate future changes.

Faculty / Speakers

Our faculty has an impressive breadth of expertise across a wide range of topics. Your customized curriculum will explore the latest in exponential technologies, the global threats and opportunities impacting your business, and tools and frameworks you can leverage to build your future.

Faculty members include:
– Eva Gladek
– Nadine Bongaerts
– Nell Watson
– Amin Toufani
– David Roberts
– Jody Medich
– Jim Stolze
– Simeon Tienpont
– Melanie Rieback
– Aaron Frank

Online Deep Dives

This online deep dive program can be customized to the specific wishes of your organization. The basic components are as followed:

  • Duration: 75 minutes per deep dive

  • Participants: min 25 – max 40 per deep dive

  • Program: 5 deep dives in total

  • Price: € 995,- per particpant for the full program

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The Exponential Deep Dives is a coalition between SingularityU Benelux and Minkowski merging the inspiration and body of knowledge on exponential technologies of SingularityU Benelux and the Facilitation, Tools & Methodologies of Minkowski. Together we provide top talent and years of future thinking and leadership training for Banks and companies in Insurance, Media, Tech, Retail and Energy.

For more information get in touch with us:
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